The story of are late night thoughts Shreyas x SIDDUK06

The story of are late night thoughts
So shreyas is an delhi underground artist at the age of just 17
His story is basically a young rapper from delhi who was inspired by
Eminem and j cole.After a successful release on his last 2 tracks Ikka and Restart
Restart was also featured in risepluslive his new track 'Late' is a story about us
We all are late somewhere like in are college classes or at our work place
So the track also features sidduk06 a uttrakhand rapper.
They both are talking about their stories in there lyrics
With some heavy drums and lite paino and with the new wave of autotune on their
Stream 'Late' here:
Talking about the track more
We all are busy partying now a days with are friends and family
But we forgot about are time discipline.
The track it self is a late night banger
Bringing that new wave of autotune
The track was written when I was bored at night
I compiled my late night experiences into my lyrics
The track is also produced by an american producer "Reasam"

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Source : NewsOnFloor

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