The world's first camera, which was its price and how big was it

The world's first camera was so big that 15 people were needed to lift it, but today science has made so much progress that today's cameras are not visible. Now even a camera smaller than the button of our shirt is available in the market, but what was the first camera made in the world, how much was its weight and what was its value.

World's first camera The first camera in the whole world was made in 1900. It was created by photographer Georges Lawrence. This camera was made to capture the photo of the biggest train running in Alton Railway. Size 8x4.5 feet could be photographed with this camera. Whenever it was to be photographed, 15 people were required to run it. In terms of price too, this camera was very expensive, its price was 5,000 thousand US dollars, that is, about 3 lakh 52 thousand 542 rupees in India which were considered crores in those days. The world's largest camera is being built until now Today when we talk about 2019, our scientists are making such a camera that will take such pictures of space which no camera could take till today. Work on this camera has been underway in Chile since 2015, probably to be completed by 2022. This camera will have a lens of 3.2 GHz pixels (3200 megapixels). To see a photo of it, 1500 high definition display will be required. This camera is named Critical Decision 3.

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