These 5 most expensive stars in the world, Number 1 got 1700 crores

The Hollywood film industry is known for making big budget films. Hollywood movie industry artists' fees are also quite high with expensive budget films. There are many artists in the Hollywood Film Industry, who have received a lot of fees for a film. These stars have become millionaires by the same movie in terms of Indian currency. Today we are going to tell you about some such Hollywood stars

1. Keanu Reeves

Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves is the highest paid actor in the world so far. In order to work in the film 'Matrix', Keanu Reeves received an estimated $ 250 million, which is about Rs 1700 crore in Indian currency. The first part of the film was released in 1999, after which the next two parts of the film were released in 2003.

2.Will Smith

Will Smith is also one of Hollywood's expensive artists. They received a fee of $ 100 million for the movie 'Men In Black 3' which was released in 2012, which is equivalent to around Rs 700 crore in Indian currency.

3. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is known all over the world for his fantastic action in films. Tom Cruise was paid about $ 75 million for the Hollywood movie 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' released in 2011. According to Indian currency, this amount is equivalent to about Rs. 534 crores.

4.Sandra Bullock

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Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock is in the fourth position in this case. For the Hollywood film 'Gravity' released in 2013, Sandra Bullock was given a fee of around $ 70 million i.e. around 500 crores.

5. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp was paid about 50 million British pounds for the film 'Alice in Wonderland' released in 2010, which is about 456 million rupees in Indian currency.

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