These Signs Are Indicating That M.S Dhoni’s CSK May Win IPL-2018, See Here
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These Signs Are Indicating That M.S Dhoni’s CSK May Win IPL-2018, See Here


After beating SRH by 2 wickets on Tuesday, M.S Dhoni’s, CSk have reached finals. CSK has reached in finals once again after winning this match. CSk Have already won two IPL seasons before, and CSK may win this IPL season too.

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CSK have more chances of winning this IPL season and reason is hard work and performance of M.S Dhoni’s squad. Apart from this, one more connection is M.S Dhoni’s captaincy and his lucky number 7.

Will Dhoni Win IPL 2018? Mahendra Singh Dhoni's team has reached the final of the IPL and there is a connection that is pointing to the fact that this time the trophy will be won by the Chennai team only. Earlier, Chennai Super Kings have twice won the title. Chennai made its title in 2010 and 2011 for two consecutive seasons. The Chennai team has also been runner up of this tournament four times.

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CSK in 2008, 2012, 2013 and 2015, reached the finals of the IPL, but he could not make the title his name. This is the seventh chance when Chennai's team will play in the final of the IPL and Dhoni's lucky number of the team captain is also only seven. Because of this lucky number of seven, he is called Seven of Alexander.

M.S Dhoni Has A Old Connection With Number 7!

Dhoni has connection with number 7 from his birth. Seven comes twice in his birth date also, which is 07-07-1981. Dhoni always wear his luck jersey no 7 on field. M.S Dhoni also have a brand named “Seven” which is famous all over India and have it’s stores in all major cities of India.

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