These three features updated in WhatsApp at the beginning of the year

There are some new features in the Instant Messaging App, WhatsApp. You will also get this feature after new updates. This feature is for iPhone users and you can update it from the App Store.

A feature is a private reply, whereby the person can reply to someone's message privately in the Whatsapp group. It will go straight to the sender's inbox. Until that, you used to reply to the message directly in the same group chat. To use this new feature, to hold someone's chat in the group and tap, you will get the option to reply directly to that contact here.

Let us tell you that it has already been supported for Android smartphones.

The second feature is to put photos and videos into stickers. Under this, WhatsApp users can add photo stickers by editing the photo.Apart from photos, if you want to add stickers by editing the video, then it is possible with the new feature. Earlier you could insert emoji, text and drawing in photos and videos. Apart from this, the feature of embedding clocks, templates and locations was also given. To add stickers to a video or photo, click on the camera icon. From here you can import content from a new photo video or gallery. Use the smiley icon here in the Photo Edit Option and you can add whatever stickers here.

After new updates, iPhone users with 3D touch will get a touch preview option. In the Status tab, you can preview the status of any contact by previewing the 3D. If you want to mute the status, you can do that too. Let us tell you that the resort iPhone XR does not have 3D touch, but Apple has a haptick touch in it.

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