This Actress wants to go on date with Mahi : read once
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This Actress wants to go on date with Mahi : read once


Cricketers and Bollywood have very close relationship with each other. There are many cricketers whose hearts are stuck to Bollywood Actresses, so many actresses also openly express their love with the players.

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There are many players in Team India which are not married but then also every girl is passionate for Mahi.

Another Bollywood celebrity is trapped in the love with Mahi, who remains busy in his married life and in cricket too.

This actress has played the role of Dhoni's wife in Reel Life too. Yes, we are talking about Kiara Advani.

In an interview with Bollywood actress Kiara Advani, she was asked if she would ever go with a player on a date than with whom she would like to go enjoy.

Kiara replied without hesitation that she would just like to go on a date with Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Kiara said that the manner in which Dhoni's takes care of his family in Harbhajan's marriage was remarkable.

Not Candle Night Dinner, but if gets a chance to go on dinner with a player, then she will definitely like to go with Mahi on dinner.

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Kiara admired a lot Mahi, saying that I now know a lot about him. The way Dhoni takes his daughter's Ziva bag and handles the daughter, is really praiseworthy. Sakshi is also very sweet. I feel very good after meeting Dhoni and his family. MS is a human being connected to the land. '

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