This August enjoy Alleppey Nehru Trophy Boat Race in Kerala
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This August enjoy Alleppey Nehru Trophy Boat Race in Kerala


Alleppey ’s Nehru Trophy Boat Race away 80 kilometers away from Kerala's Kochi city, is quite popular. Organized every year in the month on August. And it held on Second Saturday of August . This time competition will start on August 11. Here the race is organized in Punnamada Lake. In which many boats take part every year. Boats from different villages also come to participate in the competition. Every village has its own boat. This boat consists of 100 to 140 skilled sailors.

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In these sailors every cast participate together with unity. You can never see this beautiful seen anywhere else where every parson enjoys together without forgetting Customs, rules, Casts.

While the sailors with strong arms cultivate the boat with a paddle in a rhythm, singers also dedicated some boat song to cheer them up. There are also two drummers with the enthusiasm that enthusiastically boasts of drumming their drums.

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Every boat has a team leader, with high experience. He instruct sailors with the use of whistle. Their excitement is for racing looks amazing. The locals believe that this race is one of the oldest water sports in India.

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