This director had gone into depression as soon as Aishwarya secret is revealed to him, even today he feels sad

In this glitzy world of Bollywood, some things happen that become big controversies. Sometimes it happens unconsciously, while sometimes it is intentional. Today we are going to tell you a similar story in this article, which is related to the personal life and a secret of Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai, but when this secret was revealed, a famous director went into depression. Yes, we are talking about Madhur Bhandarkar, who gave Bollywood hits like 'Fashion', 'Page 3' and 'Heroine'.We are going to refer to that thing related to Aishwarya, which became the biggest contravention of Bollywood. This was in the year 2011 when Madhur was going to make his dream project film 'Heroine' with Ash. Ash had signed the film but did not reveal a very important thing to the director. That was the matter of her pregnancy. Madhur researched for about a year and a half before making this film and his blood-sweat was put into it. In such a situation, when he came to know about Ash's pregnancy, he was very angry and he removed Aishwarya from the film. According to a report by Amar Ujala, Madhur told that the film had been shot for 8 days and one day I was rehearsing with my associate director. After this, she suddenly slipped and suffered a lot of injuries. Madhur further explained that whenever he sees Ash, he feels very sad. Because if Ash fell in place of my Associate, I would not be able to forgive myself for a lifetime. He said that the actress had to smoke in the film and do many other things. Apart from this, many things could harm a pregnant woman. Madhur said that the film had 65 days of shooting left but they could not show 6-7 months pregnant actress on camera. In such a situation, Madhur ended the contract with Ash. Because of this, he went into depression and did not go to the office for 8 days.

This world runs on faith but Ash had broken the trust of Madhur Bhandarkar. However, why she hid the news of her pregnancy, what must have been her compulsion behind it. Ash never said anything about this. But whatever happens, we should never lie.

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