This is how Virat Kohli spends his crores of wealth, Know the full details

After joining the cricket team, all the doors of the cricketers' fortunes are opened. Just like Bollywood stars earn in millions. Similarly, the income of Indian cricketers is no less.

We are talking about the current captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli, who has illuminated the name of India not only based on his best performance. He has broken many world records based on his superb batting. Let us tell you that Virat Kohli's income is not in thousands, millions but crores and billions. Currently, Virat Kohli's annual earnings are around Rs 416 crore.

Let us tell you how much money Virat Kohli spends on expensive things. The clock that Kohli wears it belongs to a famous Tissot company in Switzerland, whose Virat Kohli is also the brand ambassador. The price of his watch is 7 lakhs and apart from this, Kohli also has many expensive watches.

Let us tell you the water that Virat Kohli uses to drink. The cost of that 1 litre of water is around 600 to 35000 rupees. This water belongs to Avian Company. Many celebrities and cricketers drink this water. This is the special thing about water. That this water prevents depression. And also helps in weight loss.

You would be very surprised to know that Virat who keeps a wallet with him. The cost of that one is about 85 thousand rupees. This wallet is the Louis Vuitton Company. Talking about Virat's house, Virat Kohli has many houses. He has a Rs 34 crore flat in Worli Mumbai in the year 2016 which looks very luxurious.

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