This is the reason why Mahi has a lot of Fan Following: Salute to him
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This is the reason why Mahi has a lot of Fan Following: Salute to him


Former Captain of Indian Cricket team and Team and experienced wicket-keeper batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni recently became of topic of discussion because of his performance. But his fan following is still same. Recently MS Dhoni has been considered as the most respected player in India. Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has left behind Lord of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar and Captain Viart Kohli in this matter.

Don't Worry, MS Dhoni not retiring, He Just Wanted to Show the Ball to the Bowling Coach

In a recent survey it was revealed that MS Dhoni is the most considered player in India. As per reports he is the second person to achieve the highest honor in India. After country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is Mahi achieve the second honor in India.

This annual survey was done by Dot UK by Yugav Dot. The website conducts survey every year, in which he explains who is highly admiring in India. This survey was done in the starting of this year, the result of which has now came out

Dhoni is the only captain in the world who has won the ICC's three major tournaments - World T20, Champions Trophy and World Cup. In the 2009 elections, he led Team India to number one in the Test rankings for the first time.

Is Dhoni really taking retirement?

According to the survey, where Sachin Tendulkar occupies the sixth place, Virat Kohli is at number eight. Kohli is currently in England, where he is preparing for the five-match series starting August 1. In the survey, it has also emerged that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have tremendous fan following in India. Apart from this, England's former footballer David Beckham also has great popularity in India.

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