This Pakistani cricketer has challenged the Indian bowler, afterwards, had returned to Pavilion with shame.

Whether it is politics or the playing field, India and Pakistan are seen everywhere as a formidable opponent. If India is a cricket match in Pakistan, then it is a better taste for gold. People wait for this cricket match in advance and watch all the matches except work. These matches also have many exciting turns which become memorable forever. Intense debate and hotness are also seen many times between the players on both sides. We are going to tell you one such anecdote today. This anecdote became an invaluable moment in cricket history and is remembered as a moment of pride, especially for Indian cricket lovers. We are talking about Bapu Krishnarao Venkatesh Prasad, the fast bowler of Team India.

His best moment in the 1996 Cricket World Cup can still be seen as a video. During the Indo-Pak cricket match, Pakistan's Aamir Sohail hit Prasad's ball with his foursome, Sohail, who was very confident after hitting the four, then pointed towards Prasad and gave the direction to hit the next shot. However, Prasad was very restrained while playing. Without giving any kind of answer, he got ready to bowl the next ball. But, perhaps he had decided in his mind that he would answer it with his ball. Prasad threw the ball next, the ball came out from between Sohail's bat and legs, blowing the stump. sohail's stumps were uprooted from the ball and Sohail was bowled. After this, there was silence between the Pakistani fans and the noise among the Indian fans all over the grounds. Sohail's condition was such that there is no blood to cut. And he bowed his head towards the pavilion in shame. The match is still one of Venkatesh Prasad's historic matches.

Venkatesh was born on 5 August 1969 in Bangalore, Karnataka. Venkatesh played Tests and ODIs for the Indian team. He made his debut in 1994. Primarily a right-handed medium-fast bowler, Javagal Srinath's bowling jugalbandi was very well known to Prasad at that time.

He is the bowling coach for Kings XI Punjab in the Indian Premier League, having previously played a similar role for the Indian cricket team from 2007 to 2009.

Prasad took 96 wickets in 33 Tests at an average of 35, and in 161 ODIs he took 196 wickets at an average of 32.30. His best Test bowling figure is considered for 6 out of 33 against Pakistan in the 1999 Test series. These figures included a bowling spell in which he took 5 wickets for 0 runs. Notably, he once took 10 wickets in a Test match in Durban, South Africa, on December 1996. It was his only ten wickets in Test cricket. Prasad took five wickets in 1996 in England, in Sri Lanka, in 2001, and the West Indies, in 1997. In 1996/97 season, he took 55 wickets in 15 Tests and 48 in 30 ODIs. For this period, he was named CEAT International Cricketer of the Year. Prasad played his last Test match in Sri Lanka in 2001.

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