This photo-show is a visual window into Iran's culture

Titled "Rowzaneh: Iran Through My Lens", the photo-exhibition features the visual observations of Dr Aziz Mahdi, 36, who spent more than a decade studying and teaching Persian in Iran and has travelled extensively throughout the country.

"Iran is not just oil and gas. It is not just the diplomatic tussles. Iran is a feast for the eyes. This exhibition is just a glimpse of the beauty that lies hidden in Iran," Mahdi writes in his note on the show.

Inviting viewers to join him in this glimpse into Iran through his eyes and lens, he points to the gap in cultural exchanges between the two countries.

"Ask an Indian about Iran, he may or may not be able to summarize it in a brief sentence. Ask an Iranian about India, 90 per cent of them will say -- a land of diversity and Amitabh Bachchan'," the professor and Indo-Iranian expert noted.

Delhi-based Mahdi pursued his PhD in Persian literature from Tehran University and taught there consequently.

His photographs show the essence of Iranian aspects of culture, civilization, art, society and architecture.

He sums it up: "During the decade I spent in Iran (2005-2016) I saw and experienced the unconditional love and respect for Indians in the hearts of Iranians. But, the knowledge about Iran is not a common phenomenon among Indians."

According to him, it brings us to the need for holding such exhibitions where Indian society is shown "a glimpse of real Iran through the eyes of an Indian who has experienced the warm-hearted love of Iranian culture".



Source : ians

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