Tiger Shroff replies to his Fan about dating  Disha Patani, "Meri Aukaat nahi hai bhai"...

Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani are one of the cutest couples in Bollywood. Both of them have never confessed their relationship in front of the media or a public manner to date. Whenever both are asked about their relation, both of them tell that they are only good friends. But this cute couple of Bollywood is often spotted on a dinner date and lunch date. Fans of Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff often want to know if both are in relation. Because a few days ago there was news that both of them have separated from each other, but as soon as this news became viral, both were again spotted together. But now Tiger Shroff has said something about Disha Patani that you will also be surprised to hear. In recent years, Tiger Shroff started a contest for his fans on social media called "Ask Me Anything ". In this contest, a fan asked Tiger, are you dating Disha Patani, then Tiger said - "Meri Aukat nahi hai Bhai"..., the same user asked - are you a virgin? So on this Tiger Shroff said - Abe shameless my mom dad is also following me. Another user asked the same - how many friends have you had so far? Tiger said - not much.

In an interview, Disha had told Tiger to date that Tiger is a very slow motion person. I am trying to impress him and I also tell this thing to him. I have learned gymnastics. In the film "Bharat", I am crossing the fire ring with flip flops but Tiger is not impressed by that either.

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