Tips and tricks when planning a destination wedding

Tips and tricks when planning a destination wedding

If you’ve dreamt of saying your wedding vows away from home whilst saying “cincin” in a vineyard or with the sand between your toes, or in a secluded resort in a valley along with your closest friends and family, you’re going to need to know how to plan a destination wedding. Whether you want to get married in Europe, the Caribbean or anywhere in the world we've got all the tips and tricks you need to know whilst planning a destination wedding:

 Start planning ASAP:

You’ll need to figure out the minutest of details of the entire wedding whilst also making sure you and your guests are ready for the trip. It is not realistic to hope that your family and friends would drop everything on a short notice. Destination weddings not only take time to plan for the hosts, but also the wedding guests. They would definitely require time to negotiate time off work or other commitments and save some money, so you’ll want to send out the destination wedding invitations at least 3 months before. Other than that, you would have to find time for other wedding related tasks such as bridal lehenga shopping, booking wedding vendors such as photographers, caterers, and looking for ideas for favours to giveaway at your wedding functions. Well the list is endless.

Finding and booking a wedding venue:

In the case of destination weddings, the world is quite literally your oyster. You can go for a super popular location halfway across the globe or an offbeat venue a few thousand kilometers away. Whilst beach weddings are perpetually popular, there’s a plethora of options beyond the sand and oceans. You can get hitched in a picturesque village in Italy or in a vineyard in Napa. To shortlist venues, consider the itinerary, accessibility, the tentative number of guests, the costs involved, the travel and accommodation details. Also, consider the time of year, and currency exchange rates. 

A good destination wedding planner:

It is crucial to invest in a wedding planner that’s well-versed in planning a destination wedding to run the show. A local planner would know the area better, have local contacts to avoid exorbitant costs and pull off the entire feat with that much more ease. This is an absolute stress-reliever as they’ll know exactly what to do in the destination of your choice. Many resorts offer wedding packages that include a planner to manage the wedding and take care of you and your guests.

Multi-day events:

Whilst the mehendi, sangeeth, ceremony and reception would be of prime importance, you and the guests will mostly stay at the destination for longer than just your nuptials. Plan some group activities, a wedding welcome party, and meals to keep things fun and interesting.

Wedding and honeymoon in the same location:

This might be a no-brainer, but you’ve already spent the cash to travel abroad or domestically, so why go to another place for your honeymoon? Once the festivities wrap up, scoot off to a private suite, a different resort or a quirky villa to enjoy some well deserved downtime with your new spouse.

Planning a wedding might seem simple, but it is no easy task unless it is well planned and thought out. We hope these tips and tricks help you to have the wedding of the century.

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