Tired of buying Condoms? Soon coming ‘Male Birth Control Gel’ in market, know how will it work

Internet Dsk| Condoms are used the most for Birth Control Methods, and as a Contraceptive method. Although the methods of birth control for men are limited, but reading this news will bring smile on your faces.

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Soon Birth Control Gel will be made available in the market. This gel has to be used by only men. The specialty of this Gel is that, just by applying this, you’ll be able to get a possible rid from the unwanted pregnancy.

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The National Institute of Health (NIH) is developing this gel. The trial of this gel is going on, after which it will be made available in the market for sale. Its name will be NES/T

According to the NIH, this gel will stop production of sperm. It will now be tested on 420 couples from around the world. This gel will be used on shoulders for 4 to 12 weeks, and they’ll notice that how this gel affects the body of men. During this time men's sperm level will be measured.

It is said that the compound called Testosterone and Segesterone has been used to make this gel. Segesterone prevents the natural production of testosterone present in men, due to which the production of sperm reaches a much lower or unreal level.

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Often it has been said that condoms are not completely safe. There are chances of failing for it. In this way, it does not provide complete protection from the unwanted pregnancy. It also has to be used as precautions. If the trial of this gel goes successful, then, the easier way than this will not be found in the market.

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