To do Patch with Girlfriend boy started such a work which is quite unbelievable
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To do Patch with Girlfriend boy started such a work which is quite unbelievable


After breakup life does not seem easy, and it's very difficult to move out from that situation and most difficult task is to bring back your lover. You have seen many tricks to consider your girlfriends after the breakup, but have you ever heard somewhere that someone wants to play the piano to bring back the girlfriends till she did not come back. Today we are going to tell you about such an incident. Know what the whole story is

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Actually this is the case of Bristol, England. Here a musician named Luke Howard has set up a piano in Bristol's center to suppose his rude girlfriend, and has announced to play it until his girlfriend could not return.

According to Bristol Post, musician Luke Howard began playing piano from September 9 after his breakup from his four-month of relationship. Luke says that he will play the piano until his girlfriend give him another chance . Luke who is of 34.Refused to exposed the name of his girlfriend. Luke believes that by doing this he wants to tell how much he loved her girlfriend.

He said, 'If there was someone else in my place, in this situation, he would used to send flowers to his girlfriend , make messages or write letters, and she spoil these things in anger. I want to tell him how much I love him. I want him to see my love and then decide whether to stay in my life or not.

After a few days, this act of Luke became viral on social media and strange reactions started coming out. Someone seemed to be very strange so someone looked very strange. A woman wrote on twitter: "Women also have the right to leave men. The media also stopped giving this stocking behavior to romantic and stopped. So someone called it a publicity stunt.

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July 04, 2018

Luke told that he was playing the piano from september 4 o'clock. Then suddenly someone hit the punch on his head and he stopped for a while. Then he realized that I expected many people to be at peace with this. Luke said although it was not the punch which prevented him. These were the people who were struggling to play the piano. Luke said I apologize to everyone. Luke said that, so I did not want to tell the name of that girl .I did not want to sit outside his house, or did not want to email her a lot, I sincerely want to apologize for my faults.

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