Toyota's 'Baleno' may launch in March, these changes will be...

In the past, there were reports that Toyota and Maruti may work together on some models. Where Maruti Baleno and Vitara will supply to the Toyota and, models like the Toyota Corolla and Altis can supply Maruti. At the same time, new reports have come that Toyota could launch Maruti's most popular car in March this year.

According to Car India report, Toyota plans to launch Maruti's Baleno based premium hatchback in March this year. After the partnership between the two companies, it will be the first joint product of the two companies. At the same time, Maruti can launch Baleno's Facelift model on Jan 27. Toyota Vitara Braja By the end of this year! According to reports, Maruti will supply 20 to 25 thousand units of Baleno every year to Toyota. Maruti's compact SUV, Vitara Brezza, can launch by the Toyota at the last of this year or at the beginning of the next year. Many changes will be made in Toyota's Baleno and Maruti's Baleno exterior will be completely different.

Talk about the interior of Toyota's Baleno, it can be electronically adjustable ORVM with Climate Control, Touchscreen Infotainment System, Reverse Camera, Parking Sensors. Talk about the engine at the same time, it may have a 1.2-liter K-series petrol and a 1.3 liter diesel engine.

Both will bring electric cars

In March 2018, both Japanese companies had compromised. According to the agreement, Maruti Suzuki will fulfill Toyota's demand for Baleno and compact SUV Vitara Brezza to the company. At the same time Toyota will supply Suzuki to its sedan car Corolla. In a clear word, in this agreement, a company changes the vehicle of another company accordingly. At the same time, both companies have entered into an agreement with electric cars in November 2017, which will enable battery powered vehicles in the country by 2020.

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