Tractorguru is one step solution for buying and sellling tractor

TractorGuru's Purpose is to ‘Simplify Mechanization’. TractorGuru is a combination of ‘Tractor’ and ‘Guru’. Guru is a Sanskrit term for a "teacher, guide, expert, or master" of certain knowledge or field. Our goal is to be the ‘Guru’ for all informational and transactional needs which aim to ‘Simplify Mechanization’ for farmers in India.

We aim to deliver on this goal through advanced digital tech and analytics. TractorGuru currently lists over 300 tractors available for sale in India. Users can read high quality content, compare specifications. research alternatives, and also express interest in purchasing the tractors of their choice. All content on TractorGuru is thoroughly researched and completely unbiased. One of our most loved features is User Reviews where potential buyers can read about the experience of prior users.

TractorGuru has launched India's first dedicated Used Tractor marketplace which enables price discovery, research, and facilitates transactions by maximizing potential buyers for used second hand tractors. We aim to remove the friction prevalent in used tractor selling / buying and bring an element of delight in this process. TractorGuru has converted extensive market research into an exclusive proprietary Star Rating system which gives a Star Rating out of 5 to all used tractors listed on the app. This TractorGuru Star Rating makes it easier for buyers to compare used tractors.

Our Vision is to create an ecosystem for farmers, manufacturers, dealers and other stakeholders to Simplify Mechanization and increase access to tractors and farm implements in India.

TractorGuru is led by a young and committed team with a blend of experience in the Tractor industry and in Digital Startups. The key members of the TractorGuru team are below.

Source : NewsOnFloor

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