Visit City Palace Once and view the beautiful doors here
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Visit City Palace Once and view the beautiful doors here


Situated in the heart of the city Gulabi Nagri explains its beauty itself. Yes, we are talking about the most beautiful place of Jaipur City Palace. The royal family has lived in the city palace for many decades. It shows the royal architecture and the traditions of the royal families. Many tourists along with Foreigners came here to grab the attention of this beautiful place .Around the one-seventh area of the city a fusion of Mughal and the Rajasthani tradition reflects the architecture of city palace. Raja Jai Singh successors made some changes here and contributed beautifully in the city palace. The courtyards, gardens and buildings are embedded with marbles.

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City Palace Entrance Gates

The main entrances to the City Palace include Virendra Pol, Uday Pole and Tripoliya Gate. This gate is reserved for the entrance of Royal family The general public and travelers are admitted inside the city palace with Virendra Pol and Uday Pol

Structure of City Palace

The city palace has flourished in wide area. Its premises are surrounded by numerous palaces, gardens, pavilions and temples. Among the most famous heritage sites inside the complex include the Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal, Maharani Mahal, Shri Govind Dev Mandir and the City Palace Museum. Chandra Mahal or Chandra Niwas is a seven-storeyed building and it is the most important one in the palace, each floor in the moon mahal has given a specific name like Sukh-Niwas, Rang-Mandir, Pitam-Niwas, Chabi -Niwas, Shri-Niwas and Mukut-Mandir or Mukut Mahal It contains many unique paintings, mirror work on walls and floral decorations. At present, most of these palaces are the residence of the former rulers of Jaipur. Only the ground floor is allowed for visitors where a museum is located that shows carpets, manuscripts and other items that belong to the royal family

Pritam Niwas Chowk

The Pritam Chowk is an enchanting enclosed courtyard with four 18th-century gateways, decorated in amazing colors. . Pritam Niwas Chowk name means "Courtyard of the Beloved". This courtyard was originally used for royal dance performances Pritam Niwas Chowk is dominated by Chandra Mahal, the most charming courtyard in City Palace.

The inner courtyard of the city palace and has four gates known as Ridhi Sidhi Pol. If we talk about Chandra Mahal, its beauty is merged by its four doors. The carvings done on these doors are so complex which is very difficult to find in these days and is so mesmerizing that you want to check it again and again. The four gates are beautifully carved, painted doorways and decorated with themes representing the four seasons. Peacock gate is one of them, the rest is three lotus gates with continual flower and petal pattern suggestive of summer season; The Green Gate, also called the Leheiya (meaning: "waves"), in green color suggestive of spring, and lastly, the Rose Gate with repeating flower pattern represent winter season and dedicated to goddess Devi. The season is also surrounded by beautifully painted walls and elegant wooden balconies. The balcony above the gates was used by performing singers

Every gate of the Riddhi Sidhi Pol gives us the spiritual connection .This also gives the essence of the medieval period in India. The culture the rich heritage and tradition reflects in these beautifully crafted gates

Peacock gate

Peacock gate is one of the most famous of the four gates which are depicting seasons. Peacock gate represents the autumn and it also symbolizes the monsoon. This gate is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, and is located on the north-east side of the courtyard. This gate leads towards Pritam Niwas Chowk.

Beautifully designed and painted the three-dimensional peacocks engraved out of the gate ceilings are carved on this gate so skillfully that it will make you speechless. These carved peacocks surround the statue of God in the lotus petals and is beautifully decorated with colorful painting. In the middle of the west wall of the courtyard, the Ganesh Pol stands which leads us in the Pritam Niwas Chowk through the Peacock Gate.

Lotus gate

Lotus gate is located in the South Eatstern side of the courtyard. Lotus Gate has a constant flower and petal pattern representing summer season.

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It is dedicated to Lord Shiva-Parvati. it has the stunning lotus flowers made of all over them which will make you speechless.

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