WhatsApp will include a new feature, ‘Dark mode’

Dark mode is quite popular on social media, websites and smartphones. Many people like this and always use this mode. Especially, it is good for eyes to use it at night. Dark mode is coming soon on the Whatsapp app too. This will also save the battery, as well as the difficulty of using Late Night Messaging app.

Dark mode

According to a report from WAbetainfo, the development of Dark Mode for Whatsapp is under development and it can be launched soon. It is being told that this mode will be given for iOS first and then will be released for Android later.

These features will also be made available soon on WhatsApp

Shortcuts for video calls

Direct video calls will be introduced through new features. It also includes voice calls, according to a report of WABetainfo, in the older version after normal call we could start group call, but after the new update of Whatsapp, direct video calls can now be made.

According to the report, this feature will initially come for iOS users and it will be launched from next week. This feature can be given to Android users by the end of this month.

WhatsApp Video Message Notification Preview

After this new update of WhatsApp, many people may get embarrassed from time to time. Many times, personal and sensitive video content is sent to you, which you do not want to share with anyone. But after this feature, the video will be played in the notification panel for some time as a preview.

Vacation Mode

It can be kept silent for long periods of time by inserting archive chats in vacation mode. This means that if someone sends messages in archived groups or individual chats then you will not get the notification.

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