who is the youngest team of football: FIFA World Cup 2018
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who is the youngest team of football: FIFA World Cup 2018


There is only one day left to start the 21st FIFA World Cup. In this great cup of football match played in Russia, 32 teams will be seen asserting. The World Cup will begin on June 14.Which team is the oldest and the youngest at this time.

Costsarica's team is the oldest one with an average team age of 29.6 years. The team in the current World Cup Group E will play their first match against Serbia on June 17.

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Oldest team: average age

Costa Rica: 29.6

Mexico: 29.4

Argentina: 29.3

The Nigerian team is the youngest team in the world cup with an average team age of 25.9 years. This team is in Group D and it will play its first match against Croatia on June 16.

Nigeria team

Youngest Team: Average age

Nigeria: 25.9

England: 26


On the other hand, Egyptian goalkeeper and captain Esam al-Hudari will become the oldest player to play in the World Cup as soon as they arrive for the match.

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Haidari's age is 45 years five months, while the previous record was made in Brazil 2014 by Ferrud Mondragon of Columbia, who had come to represent his country at the age of 43 years and three days.


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