Who will be the winner of FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia?
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Who will be the winner of FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia?


The FIFA World Cup will be started this week, 32 teams of the world will be participated in the field , which is going to organized in Russia this year. Each team will have the same goal in the football legend of the FIFA World Cup. The 21st FIFA World Cup held in Russia will be played from 14 June 2018 to 15 July 2018. Football lovers around the world are eagerly waiting for this great light. From the last five World Cups, we are seeing that every time a new team is winning the title in the Football World Cup, but it will be difficult to guess who will win this time, there are such teams who will win the World Cup and hold the title of winning.


Brazil was the runner-up in the last World Cup. Because Brazil will do his starting from where he has ended in 2014. In 2014, Germany defeated Brazil by . Before this Brazil has won this title five times. In such a situation, if Brazil won the title of 2018, there would be no big deal.

Last World Cup i.e, Spain was out due to poor performance in 2014, but in the present World Cup, Spain did not loose a single match in the last two years of coaching in Julen Lopetegi .Spain have to play with Portugal in the first Group B match.

In this sequence, we will take the name of the last World Cup title winner Germany to third place. So far Germany's performance in exhibition matches has been poor. Germany could not open its account for five consecutive matches this time, and then hardly had to work hard enough to win 2-1 against Saudi Arabia. But in the last four World Cup we have seen that the Germany team has make their place in every semifinal. From which we can not ignore Germany's capabilities.


In the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner, we placed France in fourth position. France has played a friendly match with the United States 1-1. From this match Didier Deschamps will have learned about their shortcomings. After this, France defeated Italy and Ireland teams, Paul Pogba's performance in these matches was the best, given the performance, we can count French team in the final four contenders.


Among the potential winners of the FIFA World Cup, we will also join Argentina, although Argentina's team has reached Russia after a very poor performance in the qualifying round. The practice match between Argentina and Jerusalem was also canceled, so that it got even more shocking, Argentina could not get a chance to practice matches like this. Although Argentina has not won any World Cup title so far, in this World Cup, he will want to make up his title by winning this title.

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