Why Angad Bedi spent a lot of time in courtrooms

Mumbai, July 26 (IANS) Actor Angad Bedi says he visited real courtrooms to prepare for his role of a lawyer in web series "The Verdict: State Vs Nanavati".

Angad along with a team of close associates visited Mumbai High Court to witness proceedings.

"While I went through several DVDs and films based on courtroom drama, I wanted to have a glimpse of real courtroom debate and the atmosphere before I gave my first shot," Angad said.

"I wanted to witness how a lawyer presents the case of his clients in a real court, and watch their body language and the way they put across statements in front of a judge. After spending a good amount of time, I left the premise with loads of anecdotes and experience that I have used on the show. The idea was to bring to the table a real gaze and instances, so that the doesn't look gimmicky," he added.

According to ALTBalaji's Twitter handle, "The Verdict: State Vs Nanavati" will focus on the "crime of passion that divided India's patriarchal society of 1959 and led to its most controversial judicial case. The three gun shots fired by Commander KM Nanavati began a war of moralities, sexes and communities". Angad will be seen as lawyer Karl Jamshed Khandalavala.



Source : ians

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