Why Is SMILE Eye Surgery The Most Preferred Among People Today?

SMILE, also known as Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, is the latest vision correction eye surgery method with similar functions to LASIK. According to research, SMILE eye surgery enables the visual acuity for the correction of patients with nearsightedness.

Nowadays, most people prefer SMILE eye surgery for its immense benefits and effective results. According to a study on 328 people who had SMILE surgery, 88% of them had UCVA results of 20/20 and even better. Only one had uncorrected visual acuity of 20/40/. This high success rate, along with some other factors, has made it a preferred choice.

So, let's see what else makes SMILE eye correction so preferable. 

1. One-Step One-Laser Surgery Procedure

One of the critical differences between SMILE eye surgery and the previous technology surgery is the one-laser procedure. The LASIK and PRK surgery methods use the excimer laser, but the SMILE laser method doesn't need it. Instead, the best surgeons use the femtosecond laser in SMILE surgery to ensure a tiny incision in the eye's cornea. They use this laser to remove a small piece of the lenticule of corneal tissue for reshaping the cornea into its best position for optimal vision. 

2. Minimal Invasive Surgery

When compared to laser eye surgery methods like LASIK, SMILE becomes much better as it's less invasive. You must know that surgeons make a flap around 20mm in circumference in the patients' eyes under LASIK treatment. In the PRK surgery procedure, the surgeon creates surface removal of about 8mm in circumference. However, in SMILE eye surgery, there is only a 3mm key-hole corneal incision with no flapping. This invasive procedure in SMILE treatment will help you in better corneal stability and less disruption to the corneal nerves at the time of surgery. 

3. Quick, Simple, And Efficient Procedure

People mostly prefer SMILE due to its quick and efficient timing of surgery. It only takes a few minutes to start and finish the procedure. Within 30 seconds, the procedure of reshaping the cornea using a laser is done. 

4. Blade-Free And Odorless Procedure

As you read, the excimer laser is used in both PRK and LASIK treatment procedures. This laser creates a clicking and annoying sound at the time of surgery while producing a noticeable odour in the room. The excimer laser is not required in SMILE eye surgery, and it becomes an odourless and quiet treatment procedure. 

5. No FLAP-Related Issues

The SMILE uses laser technology without any need to create a flap-like LASIK, making you safe and relaxed from any risks of flap-related issues after the eye surgery. In addition, you will enjoy a lesser chance of dry eye symptoms with SMILE than LASIK. This is because the SMILE takes place in the cornea without the creation of a sizable corneal flap, making very few corneal nerves to get affected by the procedure. 

6. Long Term Eye Strengthening

SMILE patients recommend this treatment procedure due to its long-term eye strengthening ability and corneal stability. The small incision in SMILE enables the cornea of your eyes to have biomechanical stability

Final Thoughts

So, by now, you must have understood why the SMILE procedure is the most likeable and preferred treatment for eye surgery now. Get in contact with your eye doctor to inquire about SMILE today.

Source : NewsOnFloor

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