Why Lord Krishna was black

Lord Krishna is a major deity in Indian mythology and is now worshiped in almost every corner of the world.

As we all know that lord Krishna was incarnation (Avtar) of Lord Vishnu, and he was born to eradicate sins and save the Dharma. Sometimes I feel that Krishna was god himself and could be born with the best human body in the form of beauty, physic, personality, looks and colour. However, he chose to be black(/blue) in colour, average height & slim. What could be the reasons behind that!!

Why Krishna was black? I am putting my point of view here and of course there are many who might not agree with me as they provide various scientific reasons behind his man form. Here are my thoughts regarding it:

Lord Ram was born as incarnation (Avtar) of Lord Vishnu before lord Krishna. It is said that Ram was the most handsome man of his time. He was best in physic and looks with fair colour, broad-shouldered and strong arms. Along with the external beauty, Ram was brilliant, smart, polite, great decision maker, truth seeker, unbiased with attributes like Humanity, Spirituality, Kindness and Loyalty.

But as time passed, people forgot Lord Ram’s qualities & attributes and only focused on his external beauty. Every parent wants their sons to be Ram lookalike (fair colour, good height, strong personality). People considered these characteristics as ideal for a man and the one without these are slightly ignored for example in our current society people with black colour faces colour-discrimination, people with short height and thin body get bullied.

One of the cruel facts is when we look for a boy/girl for marriage, the first & most important thing we focus on are looks. We prefer for a good height & fair colour that’s where we forget of thinking about his/her eternal qualities and nature.

That’s where Krishna brings a revolution. He didn’t have a great physical personality, height was average, black coloured skin, soft body. But his extrovert personality was most impressive. Krishna was perfect in 64 kalas (arts) which makes him Purna Avtar (a complete incarnation).

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Krishna used to impress people with his words, his flute, dance and his appearance. His qualities took over his physical appearance. This brought a change in society and all mothers wanted their sons to be like Krishna and started naming them on the name of Krishna (Kanha, Gopal, Madhav, Keshav, Kanhaiya ETC ). So, people have started ignoring the external looks and started focusing on the qualities and attributes of a man.

This is the message Krishna wanted to deliver to this planet. He wanted to create harmony, equality in the society. No man/woman should be discriminated based on looks.Krishna has given a great lesson to the universe which is “Body and looks are transient and soul, qualities, karma are eternal”.

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