Wish Salman Khan Starrer Antim Makes As Big As Sooryavanshi Says Taha Shah Badussha

Actor Taha Shah says Salman Khan is quite an influence on other actors with his style and look, and he hope that Antim finds as much success as Sooryavanshi.

Former model and actor Taha Shah celebrated his 33rd Birthday with close friends and family at a club in Mumbai last night. Actress Daisy Shah also graced the occasion.
While interacting with Newshelpline, Taha opened up about forthcoming action drama Antim – The Final Truth, starring Salman Khan, Aayush Sharma and Mahima Makwana.

He said, “I loved the trailer of Antim, and I wish that Salman’s movie makes it as big as Sooryavanshi. It’s a different story from what’s he has done before, and Salman Khan always look good in every role. While growing up, I’d always appreciated his looks and style, Salman Khan is such an influence in everyone’s life that none of the actor can ignore him. He is an amazing human being, perhaps the best human being around”

Taha Shah is known for his leading role in the 2011 Y-Films romantic comedy Luv Ka The End, and subsequently featured in the commercially successful drama Gippi.

Talking about his Birthday celebration and forthcoming projects, Taha said, “Right now, I am doing two web-series and next year will be great, and this birthday celebration is for the good times coming ahead”

Taha Shah has earlier done two big series, one with MX Player titled Bullets and second one with ALT Balaji titled Bekaboo2. He is also part of two movies, The Vanishing Act and Draupadi Unleashed.



Source : News Helpline

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