Woah!! Mahi become the highest tax payer in year 2017-18
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Woah!! Mahi become the highest tax payer in year 2017-18


Former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni's name is linked to the field for many records, but Caption cool contribution is equal in the term of economic cooperation .He has made this versatile record in paying highest tax. He has become the highest paying person in entire Jharkhand.

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According to a report in the financial year 2017-18, Dhoni has deposited Rs 12.17 crore in tax. Not only in Jharkhand but in Bihar also, no one pays such tax as Dhoni pays every year . Its information is given by Joint Commissioner Nisha Aaron of IT Headquarters (Bihar and Jharkhand).

According to Nisha Aaron, Dhoni has deposited the highest tax in the Bihar Jharkhand region in the financial year 2017-18. Earlier, in 2016-17, the 37-year-old Dhoni had deposited Rs 10.93 crore in the financial year. Dhoni also had the highest tax payer in 2013-14. "

New York's famous Magazine Forbes also revealed about Dhoni's earnings. According to a report in 2015, Dhoni had earned about Rs 217 crore this year.About 24 crores of his salary and the rest of the pyment came from advertisements.

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Dhoni went to England tour for crickert series. After his performance in ODIs and T-20, discussion about his retirement comes in limelight. But there is no such statement from Dhoni on behalf of retirement yet.

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