World Record Film: Actor Reyaansh Singh Thanks Team For Taking Him Onboard

The biggest high for anybody in their life is to make their parents and the country proud, there is no better feeling in this world than that which one gets when his parents and his country is known by his name. To achieve such a feat, Actor Reyaansh Singh and his team of DOP and Producer Abhinay Kumar, Producer Obeejeet Viswas and Director Rahul Singh, are all set to attempt a world record by making an UNCUT movie which is to be shot in a single day.

Reyaansh Singh

Abhinay Kumar who is a director and a DOP by profession will be producing the movie alongside Obeejeet Viswas under his production banner as well as putting his camera skills to work as the DOP of the movie.

Abhinay Kumar

The aim is to direct the movie in a single shot within a single day and make it as professional as possible without having to insert a single cut in the video. Talking exclusively to NewsOnFloor, the team disclosed that they are already on the verge of completing their post production work and will start shooting for this prestigious project once the lockdown is lifted by the government.

Rahul Singh

The attempt to break the world record is unprecedented and such a feat has never been attempted by anyone in Bollywood in spite of being the biggest film producing industry in the world. Although with the advent of more sophisticated editing technologies, making a movie or a film look like it has been shot in a single take has become very easy but the Rahul Singh and his team are confident that they will be able to complete the movie without having to turn to such editing softwares.

Apart from this, the team is also working in other independent projects and their movies, namely “Marika The Attrupt” and “SwarnMudra” which are all set to release post the lockdown.

Source : NewsOnFloor

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