World's Fastest Growing Digital Services Company Jio Makes India Data Shining

Mumbai, 12 August 2019: With over 340 million subscribers, Jio remains the fastest growing digital services company in the world. Jio is India's largest telecom enterprise in terms of customers, revenue and profits.

With 10 million new customers going digital every month, Jio has not only become the largest operator in India, but also the second-largest country operator in the world.

Addressing the annual general meeting of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani, chairman, and managing director said that Jio is now ready to offer new services, including internet offshoots; Home broadband; EnterpriseBroadband; And includes broadband for small and medium businesses.

Each of these services will start within the financial year. Jio has developed an innovative service on its Pan-India 4G network called Narrow-Band Internet-of-Things. Using NBIOT data from several billion smart sensors can be collected in India, residential, industrial or public with the highest reliability and lowest cost.

Jio aims to add at least one billion of these to Jio's IoT platform. This creates a revenue opportunity of Rs 20,000 crore per year for Jio. Jio's IoT platform will be commercially available from January 1, 2020.

Geofiber has been successful in getting more than 15 million registrations from around 1,600 cities, starting on August 15 of last year. Based on these registrations, Jio plans to reach 20 million residences and 15 million commercial establishments in these 1,600 cities. Jio Fiber aims to complete the network rollout within the next 12 months.

Jio Fiber has been installed in nearly half a million homes on a testing basis. On average these test houses are consuming more than 100 GB per month and this usage is increasing with each passing day.

Users with Jio Fiber are experiencing high speeds of up to 1 Gbps. Users will get a landline phone connection at no additional cost. Users will also get a digital set-top-box that opens unique digital experiences within the users' home.

Geofiber offers endless digital possibilities such as ultra-definition entertainment, virtual reality content, multi-party video conferencing, voice-enabled virtual assistant, interactive wagering, home security, and many other smart-home solutions.

The commercial launch of Jio Fiber Services will be held on September 5, which is the third anniversary of the launch of Jio. Jio fiber plans start at 100 Mbps speed and go up to 1 Gbps or 1000 Mbps. The plan of Jio Fiber will be between 700 and 10,000 rupees according to every budget and requirement.

Jio Fiber's plans will be bundled with subscriptions for leading-edge premium OTT applications. Premium Jio Fiber customers will be able to watch movies in their living rooms on the same day these films are released in theaters. The service is expected to start in mid-2020.

The chairman also announced that Jio Fiber customers opting for our annual Jio-for Everplans will receive an HDA 4K LED television and a 4K set-top-box absolutely free.

Strengthening Jio's digital platform and solutions, the company plans to work on blockchain technology that includes edge computing and virtual and mixed content and cloud infrastructure.

The chairman announced that Jio and Microsoft have entered into unique and long-term agreements globally. Accelerate digital transformation in the country.As part of this alliance, Jio will establish a network of large world-class data across India, with Microsoft bringing its EdgeCloud platform to Jio's data center.

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