Zaheer Khan was in the live-in with this actress, wants to marry, but then suddenly….

Former India bowler Zaheer Khan has bowled cleanly to the biggest batsmen in the field with his bowling but has himself thrown a no-ball in the love of one Hasina. Yes, Zaheer Khan married Sagarika Ghatge in the year 2017, but before that, her name was associated with another actress. Zaheer Khan was in love with that actress, but for some reasons, her love story could not be completed and then she married actress Sagarika Ghatge. So let's know which actress Zaheer Khan was interested in?

Zaheer Khan, who was included in the list of India's finest bowlers, had failed in his first love. He had a breakup after an 8-year long relationship, after which his heart was broken. Zaheer Khan was in love with Isha Sharvani, with whom he had the longest affair. During that time, the two used to forget the whole world and were lost in each other, but suddenly they both surprised the fans by deciding to stay apart, after which they got married to Sagarika.

The friendship started in 2005

According to media reports, Zaheer Khan and Isha Sharwani met in a function in 2005, after which the two slowly became friends. This friendship soon turned into love. And then both of them proposed each other for love. After this, both of them dated each other for 8 years. In those days, Isha Sharvani was often seen cheering Zaheer Khan and both used to go to dinner or party together.

Both were also live in

After a long affair, the two decided to stay together in Live Inn, after which both stayed in Live Inn for a few years. Not only this, both of them had made their relationship officially and then the news of their marriage had also started. Let me tell you that during the 2011 World Cup, the news of Zaheer Khan and Isha Sharwani's wedding also started flying, but at the same time there was something that broke the hearts of the fans, but more than that both of them were broken.

The breakup occurred between marriage news After being in a long relationship for 8 years, everyone felt that now both will get married very soon, but the truth was different. Where the news of the marriage was going on in the media on one side, there was a rift between the two on the other side, after which both broke up. Although the reason for the breakup is not known yet, in an interview, Isha Sharvani said that she still considers Zaheer Khan as her good friend and she will always be his good friend.

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