'Kya chahiye bhai?': Rohit Sharma's Hilarious Response to Reporter Stings Ishan Kishan Before 2nd Test Against West Indies

Get ready to laugh out loud as Rohit Sharma delivers a hilarious response to a reporter's question, leaving Ishan Kishan in splits. Watch the video for a dose of comedy and entertainment.

By Crickified Mohit

Rohit Sharma's Hilarious response to Reporter stings Ishan Kishan before 2nd Test against WI

Indian cricket captain, Rohit Sharma, is known for his wit and humor during press conferences. In a recent interaction with reporters, Rohit took a playful dig at his teammate Ishan Kishan, who was celebrating his 25th birthday. This light-hearted banter between the two players added to the camaraderie within the team. Let's delve into the details of Rohit's rip-roaring response and the upcoming 2nd Test match against the West Indies.

Ishan Kishan's Test Debut and Birthday Celebration
Ishan Kishan, the talented wicketkeeper-batsman, made his Test debut in the series opener against the West Indies. Coincidentally, his debut came just days before his 25th birthday. Kishan's first-ever Test run came in the same match where Rohit Sharma scored his 10th red-ball century. The Indian skipper, who shares a good rapport with Kishan, was asked about the birthday gift he had given to his junior.

Rohit's Hilarious Response to the Reporter's Query
During the press conference ahead of the 2nd Test match, Rohit Sharma responded to the question about Ishan Kishan's birthday gift in a jovial manner. He humorously insisted that Kishan should score a century in the upcoming game. Rohit playfully said, "What birthday gift he wants? Kya chahiye bhai tereko? You have everything." This witty remark from Rohit left everyone, including Kishan and the reporters, in splits.

The Team's Contribution to Kishan's Birthday
Rohit Sharma further added that the team should collectively contribute to Kishan's birthday gift. He jokingly exclaimed, "Birthday gift tu hum logo ko dey bhai 100-run karkey" (You should give us a birthday gift by scoring 100 runs). This lighthearted banter showcased the camaraderie and friendly atmosphere within the Indian cricket team.

India vs West Indies - 2nd Test
The upcoming 2nd Test match between India and the West Indies holds significance as it will mark the 100th encounter between the two teams in the longest format of the game. India, being two-time runners-up in the ICC World Test Championship, aims to continue their winning streak. However, Rohit Sharma acknowledged that the West Indies team will bounce back after suffering a heavy defeat in the previous match.

Rohit's Expectations for the 2nd Test
Rohit Sharma expressed his honor and excitement in leading the Indian team in this historic Test match against the West Indies. He emphasized the rich history and the quality of cricket played between the two teams over the years. Rohit stated, "The two teams have so much history, so much of good cricket played. I will expect no different in this Test. I am sure they (Windies) will bounce back, and it will be exciting for both teams."

Social Media Buzz and Reactions

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Rohit Sharma's hilarious response to the reporter's query about Ishan Kishan's birthday gift quickly caught the attention of social media users. Cricket enthusiasts applauded Rohit's wit and shared the video clip widely on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Fans of the Indian cricket team expressed their delight in witnessing the camaraderie and fun atmosphere within the squad.

In conclusion, Rohit Sharma's witty response to a reporter's question about Ishan Kishan's birthday gift added a light-hearted and jovial touch to the press conference. The playful banter between Rohit and Kishan showcased the strong bond and camaraderie within the Indian cricket team. As the 2nd Test match between India and the West Indies approaches, fans eagerly await the performances on the field while enjoying the entertaining interactions off the field.

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