WTC 2023 Final: Shubman Gill's dismissal caused an uproar on Twitter, fans trend NOT OUT calling it an 'unfair decision'

The final match of WTC 2023 has caused quite a stir on Twitter, with fans expressing their discontent over Shubman Gill's dismissal. They have even started trending #NOTOUT, stating that the decision was unfair.

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Shubman Not Out

Wrong Decision delivered during WTC 2023 Day 4 - Shubman Gill was clearly NOT OUT

In the WTC 2023 final at The Oval, Team India's pursuit of a colossal 444-run target against Australia encountered a roadblock as Shubman Gill was controversially caught by Cameron Green. Despite scrutinizing the catch from various angles, the third umpire adjudged Gill as out. This decision didn't sit well with Team India supporters, who expressed their dissatisfaction on Twitter.

The announcement of "OUT" on the big screen left Team India fans, Rohit Sharma, and Shubman Gill in shock. Rohit's reaction clearly indicated that he didn't anticipate this outcome from the third umpire.

The dismissal controversy during the India-Australia match caused quite a stir on social media. The on-field umpires, Chris Gaffaney and Richard Illingworth, referred the catch to third-umpire Richard Kettleborough, who ultimately adjudged it as a clean catch. However, the live video footage failed to provide conclusive evidence as to whether the tall Australian avoided making contact with the grass while his left hand grazed the ground after catching the ball. This incident occurred right before tea and left India at 41 for one in 7.1 overs, leading to widespread debates on various social media platforms.

Cricket Legends also shared their verdict on the biased and controversial decision of the english umpire. Few of them are as below:

“According To Me, It’s Not Out”- Harbhajan Singh

“Yeah it’s about how you see it. He did catch the ball with fingers under the ball but if any part of the ball touches the ground it can be interpreted as helping the ball to stay in the hand and usually the umpires always go not out.” -  Kumar Sangakara

“If it was Steve Smith in place of Shubman Gill, Umpire would have given this as Not Out.

“The third umpire thought the fingers were under but the question is whether it rolled over after he completed the catch.” - Ravi Shastri

“When the first umpire gives you out, the third umpire has to find conclusive evidence to overturn it.” - Sunil Gavaskar 

The ball went into his hand may be 6-8inches above the ground but the question I have got was did any part of the ball touch the ground just after it completed the catch. I am sure that’s what Rohit Sharma is arguing with the umpires; I am sure that’s why Shubman Gill is so disappointed.

It had carried, six-eight inches above the ground; no doubt about that but did it then actually roll over and touch the top of the surface? - Ponting said

“Third umpire while making that decision of Shubman Gill. Inconclusive evidence. When in doubt, it's Not Out #WTC23Final” - Sehwag wrote on Twitter, attaching a picture of a man wearing a blindfold.

Team India had a sensational beginning had a sensational beginning to their chase with the explosive opening batsmen, Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill, unleashing a barrage of breathtaking shots. The duo's exquisite stroke-play provided an enchanting start to the match for India.

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