Ajay Devgan unveils new patriotic poster for Maidaan movie

Stay updated on the latest news as Ajay Devgan unveils a new patriotic poster for the upcoming movie Maidaan. Explore the details and stay connected with the latest developments in the world of cinema.

By Parul
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Ajay Devgn is all prepared to star in the upcoming film 'Maidaan,' directed by Amit Sharma. The highly anticipated movie is scheduled to hit theaters on Eid, and recently, the makers have unveiled a brand new poster along with the trailer release date. Ajay Devgn's 'Maidaan' holds a special place among his exciting projects. It is a biographical sports drama that pays homage to the golden years of Indian Football (1952-1962) under the guidance of Coach Syed Abdul Rahim. The team achieved remarkable victories in the Asian Games of 1951 and 1962. Despite completing most of the filming in 2019, unforeseen circumstances led to delays. To generate more anticipation for this much-awaited film, Ajay Devgn took to Instagram to share an intriguing new poster, unveiling the trailer release date. The excitement surrounding 'Maidaan' continues to grow.


Maidaan New poster 

Ajay Devgn recently joined Instagram to share an exciting update about his upcoming film, Maidaan. He unveiled a captivating new poster and also announced the release date for the trailer. Mark your calendars for March 7th, 2024, as that's when the highly anticipated trailer will be unveiled. The poster itself is truly remarkable, capturing our attention with its stunning visuals. In the caption, Ajay Devgn teases us with the promise of an extraordinary narrative. This film tells the story of a man, a team, and a nation, all bound by an unwavering belief that left an indelible mark on the history of football. Stay tuned for the Maidaan trailer, which is sure to kick off the excitement on March 7th. Let's embark on this thrilling journey together as we witness a tale that will leave a lasting legacy. #MaidaanTrailerKicksOff7thMarch #MaidaanOnEid

About Maidaan


Last year, Boney Kapoor shared his experiences with The New Indian in a conversation, shedding light on the obstacles that the film encountered. The film's progress was greatly impeded by the pandemic and unpredictable weather conditions, resulting in substantial delays. Initially, he had leased a plot of land for a period of six months, but due to these setbacks, he was forced to extend the lease, resulting in additional expenses. Dealing with large crowds proved to be another challenge, and he expressed his frustration at the lack of adequate insurance compensation for the incurred delays.

Ajay Devgan's Work Front

In addition to working on Maidaan, Ajay Devgn is currently immersing himself in the production of Singham Again, the eagerly awaited addition to Rohit Shetty's police universe and the third installment in the Singham series. The previous film in the franchise, also titled Singham Again, was released in 2014 and garnered an incredible response. Ajay Devgn has a lineup of exciting projects in the pipeline, including Shaitaan, Auron Mein Kahaan Dam Tha, Raid 2, Son Of Sardaar 2, and Dhamaal 4.