Bhakshak Movie Review: A Powerful Reminder of the Impact of Journalism

Bhakshak unfolds as Bhumi Pednekar's investigative journalist confronts abuse in a Bihar shelter home. With nuanced performances, the film navigates a dark narrative inspired by real-life incidents, now streaming on Netflix.

By Sonali Pandey
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Bhakshak Review

The opening of Bhakshak, directed by Pulkit, sets a dark tone, hinting at the intense events to follow. Bhumi Pednekar's portrayal of Vaishali Singh, a journalist, embarks on an investigative journey sparked by a call from a reliable source. Despite initial reluctance, Vaishali delves into a disturbing case involving the abuse of minor girls at a Bihar shelter home, intricately connected to a powerful newspaper owner. As she navigates the complexities, the film explores the challenges she faces and the resilience she embodies, skillfully portrayed by Bhumi.

Bhumi Pednekar's Nuanced Performance

Vaishali Singh, skillfully portrayed by Bhumi Pednekar, embodies the essence of a small-town investigative journalist. Her character is thoughtfully developed by writers Pulkit and Jyotsana Nath. Bhumi's authentic portrayal captures the salt-of-the-earth attitude and mannerisms of a 'Patnaite' effortlessly. The collaboration with seasoned actor Sanjay Mishra adds depth to the dialogues, creating an organic flow within the narrative.

Sensitivity in Addressing Real-Life Incidents

While drawing inspiration from real-life incidents, Bhakshak is said to be related to the Muzaffarpur Shelter Home Rape Case. The film, produced by Red Chillies Entertainment, approaches the sensitive subject matter with utmost care. Aditya Srivastava's portrayal of Bansi Sahu adds a weighty dimension to the narrative, creating an atmosphere of foreboding. Sanjay Mishra's impeccable performance contributes to the film's authenticity, capturing the nuances of Bihar's language and culture.

Aditya Srivastava's Compelling Portrayal

Aditya Srivastava's portrayal of Bansi Sahu, the antagonist, is commendable. His on-screen presence exudes an ominous energy, effectively conveying the weight of the character. The film masterfully tackles the brutality of the crimes depicted while maintaining a delicate approach. The casting, including Sai Tamhankar, complements the narrative, ensuring a compelling viewing experience.

Sanjay Mishra's Delightful Performance

Veteran actor Sanjay Mishra, hailing from Bihar, seamlessly embodies the language and characters, providing a delightful performance. His portrayal adds authenticity to the film, making the dialogues resonate with the cultural nuances. Mishra's contribution enhances the overall cinematic experience, showcasing the richness of Bihar's dialect.

Runtime Concerns and Overall Impression

Despite its merits, Bhakshak faces criticism for its runtime, suggesting a need for conciseness. The film's middle portion is cited as a potential drag, impacting the overall pacing. However, it remains a recommended one-time watch, offering a gripping narrative that sheds light on a crucial societal issue. The concluding piece-to-camera adds a special touch, leaving a lasting impact.

Streaming on Netflix

Bhakshak, produced by Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chillies Entertainment, is currently available for streaming on Netflix. The film addresses significant societal concerns, making it a thought-provoking addition to the platform's offerings.