Bollywood Films Released Around Republic Day

Bollywood films released around Republic Day in India have a strong patriotic theme that resonates with audiences

Fighter, directed by Siddharth Anand and starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham, is one of the highly anticipated films set to release around Republic Day

Uri: The Surgical Strike, based on true events, showcases India's retaliation to the 2016 Uri Attack and won critical acclaim

Baby, a gripping espionage film, follows Indian intelligence officers on a mission to eliminate a notorious terrorist

Rang De Basanti intertwines a modern-day story with India's freedom fighters and revolutionaries, sparking discussions on patriotism and societal transformation

Border, a war epic based on the 1971 Battle of Longewala, celebrates the valor and sacrifices of Indian soldiers

These films have left an indelible mark on Indian cinema, entertaining and inspiring audiences with their compelling narratives and exceptional performances

They serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by the armed forces and the values of freedom, unity, and love for the nation

These films aim to capture the patriotic spirit and evoke a sense of national pride among the audience