Boyapati Rapo: A Telugu Action Entertainer Movie

Boyapati Rapo is an upcoming Telugu action entertainer movie that promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Stay tuned for updates on the cast, release date, and plot of this highly anticipated film.

By Aishwarya

Boyapati Rapo

Boyapati Rapo is an upcoming Telugu action entertainer movie starring Ram Pothineni and Sree Leela in the lead roles. Directed by Boyapati Srinu and produced by Srinivasaa Chitturi and Pawan Kumar, the film is set to captivate audiences with its combination of action, drama, and romance. With its release date scheduled for 15th September 2023, Boyapati Rapo is already generating buzz among fans of Telugu cinema.

Cast and Crew

The movie features an ensemble cast, with Ram Pothineni and Sree Leela playing the lead roles. Prince Cecil also joins the star-studded cast, adding his talent to the mix. Boyapati Srinu, known for his directorial prowess in the action genre, helms the movie, while M. Rathnam contributes as the writer. Santosh Detake handles the cinematography, ensuring visually stunning shots throughout the film. The music for Boyapati Rapo is composed by S. Thaman, known for his melodious and energetic tunes.

Plot and Genre

Boyapati Rapo promises to be a thrilling blend of action, drama, and romance. While specific plot details are yet to be revealed, audiences can expect an engaging narrative with intense action sequences, emotional depth, and a touch of romance. Boyapati Srinu's directorial style often includes larger-than-life characters and high-octane action, which will undoubtedly be showcased in this movie as well. Fans of the genre can look forward to an adrenaline-pumping experience that will keep them at the edge of their seats.

Trailer and Photos

The trailer for Boyapati Rapo is yet to be released, but fans can anticipate a captivating preview that will provide a glimpse into the movie's action-packed sequences and the chemistry between the lead actors. Stay tuned for the trailer release as it will undoubtedly generate excitement and anticipation.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy the official photos released from the movie. These photos offer a sneak peek into the visual aesthetics and the characters portrayed by Ram Pothineni, Sree Leela, and the rest of the cast. The photos showcase the attention to detail in the cinematography and the overall production design, building anticipation for the movie's release.

Release Date and Language

Boyapati Rapo is set to hit the screens on 15th September 2023. The film is primarily in the Telugu language, catering to the vast Telugu-speaking audience. However, it will also be dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada, allowing a wider audience to enjoy the movie and appreciate the talent of the cast and crew.

Production and Distribution

The movie is produced by Srinivasaa Chitturi and Pawan Kumar under the banners of Srinivasaa Silver Screen and Zee Studios. With their combined expertise and resources, the production team aims to deliver a high-quality film that will entertain audiences across different regions. The distribution strategy ensures that Boyapati Rapo reaches a wide audience, maximizing its potential for success.

Expectations and Ratings

Given the track record of Boyapati Srinu as a director and the star power of Ram Pothineni, expectations are high for Boyapati Rapo. The movie is anticipated to be a commercial success, attracting audiences with its thrilling action sequences, powerful performances, and engaging storyline. Industry insiders and fans alike eagerly await the release, and it is likely to generate positive ratings and reviews across various platforms.


Boyapati Rapo is an exciting upcoming Telugu action entertainer that promises to deliver a captivating cinematic experience. With its talented cast, thrilling action sequences, and engaging storyline, the movie is poised to become a hit among fans of the genre. The release date is set for 15th September 2023, so mark your calendars and get ready to witness the magic of Boyapati Rapo on the big screen. Stay tuned for the trailer release and further updates as the excitement builds up for this highly anticipated movie.