Crew Movie Review: Tabu, Kareena Kapoor, and Kriti Sanon Are the Most Entertaining Air Hostesses You'll Ever Meet!

Join Tabu, Kareena Kapoor, and Kriti Sanon on a high-flying adventure in the movie Crew. Read our review to see how these entertaining air hostesses shine in this entertaining film.

By Sonali Pandey
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Crew Movie Review

The movie was too entertaining all around. As always, Kareena rocks and shines, and she's going to rule the box office. Tabu and Kriti both made great efforts after a very long time after COVID-19; it was a real family movie.


The direction is fine. The script could have been better, but that doesn't change the story, so everything is fine. There are three major actors, and each one does a great job with her own well-written role. Kareena Kapoor stands out the most, followed by Tabu and Kriti. The supporting cast did a good job, too, which is important to the story and goes well with the main group.

It's worth watching with friends and family. Do not miss it!

About the film


In the film, all three of the females give it their all. In order to achieve fame and fortune for themselves, they are willing to "risk it, steal it, and fake it," as the posters' creators confessed. The adventure, drama, and humor all seem in good shape. On a related note, this is possibly the first Hindi feature film to show the cabin staff in all their glory rather than just as a side storyline in some highjack drama.

A group of three devoted friends who are employed as cabin crew for Kohinoor Airlines are the protagonists of the story. They are caught off guard in a challenging circumstance that was planned by someone with hidden agendas, which causes their lives to take a turn for the worst. They are now trapped in a never-ending conflict and attempting to break free with all their might.

Being the senior position, Tabu attempts to devise a strategy for everyone to escape their ordinary existence, but it's a dangerous way, as the teaser implies.


The three actors look beautiful in the Crew shot. Kriti is the funniest, whereas Kareena is known to be the one who must be flawless at all times. According to the trailer, this story will have you laughing out loud while immersing you in unprecedented levels of feelings. The Crew is both fashionable and attractive. 

  • Whoever made it must be in for a lifetime of belly laughs; they're marketing it as a family entertainment. 

  • It should have been short, but the peek looked like a movie.

  • All three actors look stunning and are sure to give it their all.

  • Kareena and Tabu look like they are smarter than Kriti Sanon, who looks very nervous and easy to fool.

  • There was no need for the Choli Ke Peeche remix; a new song could have been used instead.

  • I hope we see a good preview that doesn't give away too much of the plot.

  • It looks like a planned heist that Diljit Dosanjh and Kapil Sharma will back up.

According to the review, the three main characters have been successful in pleasantly entertaining viewers in the crazy comedy film. This is an excerpt from the review: "Get ready for a crazy trip of laughs with these three flight hostesses who deliver the humorous in every scene.

The Last Word by the Crew

If you want to see an exciting and fun heist comedy, Crew is the way to go. Like how the planes land easily in the movie, the jokes land easily and keep you interested from beginning to end. Tabu, Kareena, and Kriti shine with their amazing performances, and their fun chemistry will make you laugh. In the end, you'll cheer for them; our girls just want to have fun!