Inside the Party with Shreyas Iyer and Dhanashree Verma

Indian cricketer Shreyas Iyer was recently spotted enjoying an Iftaar party with dancer and YouTuber Dhanashree Verma. Get the latest news and pictures of the event here.

Inside the Party with Shreyas Iyer and Dhanashree Verma

Dhanashree Verma

Indian cricketer Shreyas Iyer, who recently got injured during a match, was spotted attending an 'iftaar' party with his friend and popular choreographer Dhanashree Verma. The duo seemed to be enjoying the festivities as they posed for pictures with other guests. However, some netizens were quick to express their concern about the well-being of another cricket player, Yuzvendra Chahal. 

Indian cricketer Shreyas Iyer recently attended an Iftaar party with his sister Srestha Iyer and friend Dhanashree Verma. The latter took to her Instagram handle to share a series of pictures from the event. In one of the photos, we can see Shreyas photobombing the group picture, which also included Dhanashree and other ladies. All the women were dressed in white ensembles while Shreyas donned a simple white shirt. 

Dhanashree Verma is a well-known choreographer, dentist and social media influencer who has amassed a large following on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. She is married to Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal and often shares glimpses of her personal life with her fans online. In this instance, she shared pictures from an Iftaar party hosted by one of her friends, which seemed to be a fun-filled event with good food and great company. 

Shreyas Iyer's presence at Dhanashree Verma's friend's Iftaar party shows that he values diversity and respects different cultures and traditions. The photos shared by Dhanashree on her Instagram handle are a testament to the warmth and love that was shared by all attendees at the event. It is heartening to see people from different walks of life coming together to celebrate their differences and similarities alike.