Diljit Dosanjh Unveils Romantic Track on Coke Studio Bharat 2 with The Quick Style. Experience the Melody!

Diljit Dosanjh debuts "Magic" in Coke Studio Bharat Season 2, a vibrant collaboration with The Quick Style. The track explores first attractions and love's magic, receiving enthusiastic fan acclaim. Season 2 promises diverse musical experiences.

By Sonali Pandey
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Diljit Dosanjh kicks off the second season of Coke Studio Bharat with a catchy collaboration, 'Magic,' featuring The Quick Style. Released on the official Coke Studio India YouTube channel, the track explores the theme of first attractions and the overwhelming power of initial love. With an electrifying performance by The Quick Style, the song promises to reignite memories of falling in love and adds a vibrant touch to the opening of Coke Studio Bharat 2024.

Diljit's Irresistible Charm and Quick Style's Groovy Moves

In the music video, Diljit Dosanjh dons an oversized black shirt and a striking red turban, perfectly complementing the energetic dance moves of The Quick Style. The Punjabi song beautifully narrates the lover's experience of sleepless nights, consumed by the magic of intense attraction and emotions. Diljit's expressive voice and the dynamic choreography of The Quick Style create a mesmerizing combination that captivates fans.

Enthusiastic Fan Reactions to the Fresh Track

Fans showered praise on the collaboration, describing Diljit as a true rockstar and expressing their love for the track. The fusion of Quick Style's dance and Diljit's Punjabi vibes received a positive response, with fans applauding the addictive beats and top-notch cinematography. The unexpected yet delightful combination of Diljit's vocals and The Quick Style's dance moves leaves listeners eager for more Punjabi songs in this Coke Studio season.

A Glimpse into Coke Studio Bharat Season 2.0 Lineup

This season promises a diverse musical experience, featuring renowned artists such as Shreya GhoshalNeha Kakar, Digvijay Singh, Kanishk Seth, Cyli Khare, and MC Square. The lineup reflects Coke Studio's commitment to celebrating the rich tapestry of regional music in Bharat. Arnab Roy, Vice President, Marketing at Coca-Cola India, expressed excitement about providing a platform for emerging independent artists alongside iconic names, capturing the spirit of a vibrant and optimistic Bharat.


Coke Studio Bharat Season 2 starts on a high note with Diljit Dosanjh's 'Magic,' setting the stage for a season that aims to showcase the diversity and talent of Bharat's music scene. Fans can anticipate a musical journey filled with energy, emotion, and a celebration of the nation's cultural richness.