Vikrant Massey Unveils Rap And Folk Version Of Restart Song, Feat Raftaar

Vikrant Massey has recently released a rap and folk version of the song "Restart" featuring Raftaar. Learn more about this exciting collaboration and the new rendition of the song.

By Aishwarya
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Folk Version Of Restart Song

Vikrant Massey, the talented Bollywood actor, has recently unveiled a new version of the popular song "Restart," featuring renowned rapper Raftaar. The song, which combines elements of rap and folk music, has generated significant buzz among music enthusiasts and fans of both artists. With its catchy beats and powerful lyrics, the new version of "Restart" is set to make waves in the music industry.


The Collaboration of Vikrant Massey and Raftaar

Vikrant Massey, known for his versatile acting skills and charming persona, has always had a passion for music. Collaborating with the talented rapper Raftaar was a dream come true for Massey, who wanted to explore his musical side and experiment with different genres.

Raftaar, a prominent name in the Indian music industry, is known for his unique style and impactful rap verses. His collaboration with Vikrant Massey on the "Restart" song brings together two distinct musical styles, creating a fusion that is both refreshing and captivating.



The Concept Behind "Restart" Song

"Restart" is a song that resonates with people from all walks of life. It embodies the idea of starting afresh, overcoming challenges, and embracing new beginnings. The lyrics of the song touch upon various themes, such as resilience, self-belief, and the power of determination.


With its blend of rap and folk music, the song offers a unique listening experience. The fusion of these two genres adds depth and complexity to the overall composition, making it an instant hit among music lovers.

The Music Video

The music video for "Restart" showcases the talent and charisma of both Vikrant Massey and Raftaar. Shot in stunning locations, the video complements the uplifting message of the song. It features vibrant visuals, energetic dance sequences, and captivating performances by the artists.


The video also highlights the chemistry between Massey and Raftaar, as they effortlessly bring their individual styles together. Their camaraderie and passion for music shine through, making the video a visual treat for the audience.

The Impact on the Music Industry

The release of the rap and folk version of "Restart" has created a significant impact on the music industry. The song has garnered millions of views and streams on various platforms, showcasing the immense popularity of both Vikrant Massey and Raftaar.


The unique blend of rap and folk music in the song has attracted a diverse audience, appealing to fans of both genres. This collaboration has opened new doors for artists to experiment with different musical styles and push the boundaries of creativity.

The Fan Response

Fans and music enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new version of "Restart," and their response has been overwhelmingly positive. Social media platforms are buzzing with excitement as fans express their love for the song and praise the collaboration between Vikrant Massey and Raftaar.


Listeners have commended the powerful lyrics, catchy beats, and the seamless integration of rap and folk elements in the song. Many have also shared their personal stories of how the song has resonated with them, inspiring them to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams.

The Future of Vikrant Massey in Music

Vikrant Massey's foray into the music industry with the release of "Restart" has opened up new possibilities for his future in music. The success of the song and the positive response from fans have encouraged Massey to explore his musical talents further.


While Massey continues to excel in his acting career, he plans to collaborate with more talented artists and experiment with different musical genres. His passion for music and dedication to his craft promise exciting and innovative projects in the future.


The rap and folk version of "Restart" featuring Vikrant Massey and Raftaar has captivated audiences with its powerful lyrics and catchy beats. This collaboration between two talented artists has showcased their versatility and passion for music.

With its fusion of rap and folk music, the song has made a significant impact on the music industry, attracting a diverse audience and opening up new avenues for creativity. As Vikrant Massey continues his journey in music, fans eagerly await his future projects and collaborations.