Gadar 2 Box Office Collection: A Record-Breaking Success

Gadar 2, the much-anticipated sequel, has taken the box office by storm, breaking records and achieving unprecedented success. Learn more about its impressive box office collection and popularity among fans.

By Aishwarya
Gadar 2

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection

Gadar 2, starring Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, and Utkarsh Sharma, has taken the box office by storm. With its incredible opening and overwhelming response from the audience, the film has shattered records and surpassed expectations. In this article, we will delve into the third-day box office collection of Gadar 2, explore its tremendous success, and discuss its position in the list of highest-grossing films of 2023.

The Phenomenal Start

Gadar 2 made an exceptional start at the box office, creating a buzz and leaving fans eagerly awaiting its third-day collection. On its opening day, the film raked in a staggering ₹40.10 crores, setting the stage for a remarkable run. The second day witnessed another impressive performance, with the film collecting approximately ₹43.08 crores nett, showcasing the unwavering popularity of Gadar 2.

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 3

All eyes were on Gadar 2 as the film entered its third day. Considering the astounding figures from the previous two days, expectations were high. The film did not disappoint, earning an impressive ₹51.70 crores nett on its third day, further cementing its status as a blockbuster. The consistent growth in its collection is a testament to the film's captivating storyline and the immense popularity of the cast.

Gadar 2's Worldwide Box Office Collection Day 3

The success of Gadar 2 was not limited to the Indian box office alone. Internationally, the film garnered significant attention and achieved remarkable numbers. The worldwide box office collection on the third day stood at an impressive ₹175.50 crores, with the Indian gross collection amounting to ₹160.57 crores and overseas collection contributing ₹14.93 crores. These numbers illustrate the massive global appeal of Gadar 2.

Comparison with Other Films

Gadar 2's exceptional box office performance places it among the highest-grossing films of 2023. The film holds the distinction of being the second-highest opening film of the year, surpassed only by Shah Rukh Khan's Pathan, which collected ₹57 crores on its first day. The success of Gadar 2 speaks volumes about the enduring popularity of Sunny Deol and the anticipation surrounding the film.

What Contributed to Gadar 2's Success?

Several factors played a crucial role in catapulting Gadar 2 to unparalleled success. First and foremost, the star-studded cast, led by Sunny Deol, drew immense attention and created a massive buzz around the film. The captivating storyline and engaging screenplay further added to its appeal, resonating with audiences of all ages.

Additionally, the timing of the film's release played a significant role in its success. Gadar 2 hit the screens on 11th August 2023, coinciding with a long weekend and the festive season. This strategic release allowed the film to capitalize on the extended holiday period, attracting larger audiences and boosting its box office collections.

Audience Response and Expectations

Gadar 2's success can be gauged not only through its box office numbers but also by the overwhelmingly positive response from the audience. The film's gripping narrative and powerful performances left viewers thoroughly entertained, leading to strong word-of-mouth recommendations and increased footfall in theaters.

As the film continues its successful run, expectations are soaring. With positive reviews and the growing fan base, Gadar 2 is poised to surpass even more milestones and secure its position among the top-grossing films of all time.


Gadar 2's third-day box office collection of ₹51.70 crores nett solidifies its status as a record-breaking success. The film's impressive performance at the box office, both domestically and internationally, showcases its immense popularity and widespread appeal. With a star-studded cast, an engaging storyline, and a strategic release, Gadar 2 has emerged as one of the highest-grossing films of 2023. As the film continues to captivate audiences and break records, it is clear that Gadar 2 has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema.