Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 7: A Record-Breaking Success

Gadar 2 has gained immense success in its first week, earning ₹401 Cr on its opening day and ₹43.08 Cr on the second day.

The third day saw a significant surge in the box office collection, earning ₹517 Cr due to its gripping narrative and powerful performances.

On the fifth day, Gadar 2 witnessed a remarkable growth of 4315%, collecting ₹55.4 Cr.

Despite a slight dip on the fourth and sixth day, the film managed to maintain its momentum and earned ₹387 Cr and ₹34.5 Cr respectively.

Gadar 2's success has been attributed to its strong script, adept storytelling, and patriotic themes Additionally, the film's marketing and promotional strategies have also played a significant role in its triumph.

Gadar 2's box office performance has set new benchmarks for success in the industry and has cemented its place in the annals of Indian cinema