Huma Qureshi defends Deepika Padukone amid trolling over dating history with Ranveer Singh

Huma Qureshi defends Deepika Padukone against online trolling for discussing her dating life. Qureshi challenges the toxic trolling culture and emphasizes the need for empathy and normalcy in celebrity discourse.

By Sonali Pandey
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Actress Huma Qureshi has come to the defense of Deepika Padukone amid online criticism for sharing details about her dating life on Koffee With Karan 8. Speaking on the podcast AfterHours with All About Eve, Huma expressed her support, questioning the unnecessary backlash celebrities face for personal choices. She highlighted the absurdity of trolling and the pressure on celebrities to conform to expectations.


Deepika's Revelation on Koffee With Karan 8

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh faced scrutiny after appearing on the opening episode of Koffee With Karan Season 8 in October 2023. Deepika revealed that there was no 'real commitment' in the early stages of their relationship, and they were 'technically allowed' to date others until their engagement. The comments triggered online criticism, exposing the harsh reality of trolling culture. Deepika shared her journey of wanting to be single after challenging relationships and eventually committing to Ranveer when he proposed.

Huma Qureshi Challenges Trolling Culture


During the podcast discussion, Huma Qureshi responded to the trolling Deepika faced for her dating revelations, expressing frustration over the incessant need for celebrities to conform to societal expectations. She questioned the negativity surrounding celebrities' personal choices, emphasizing the need for normalcy in discussing relationships. Huma criticized the prevalent trolling culture, where individuals are targeted for various reasons, even trivial matters like their clothing choices.

Navigating Relationships in the Spotlight

Deepika Padukone's openness about her relationship resonated with many, but it also exposed her to online backlash. She shared her desire to stay single for a while, citing past challenges in relationships. Despite the initial lack of commitment, her connection with Ranveer Singh grew stronger over time. The revelation became a point of contention online, reflecting the challenges celebrities face when sharing personal aspects of their lives.


Trolling Culture and Celebrity Expectations

Huma Qureshi further delved into the prevalent trolling culture, emphasizing the arbitrary nature of criticism celebrities receive. She questioned the societal expectations imposed on public figures, highlighting the absurdity of trolls finding fault in anything and everything. The pressure to present a certain image often leads to unfair scrutiny, making it challenging for celebrities to navigate their personal lives in the public eye.

Conclusion: Advocating for Empathy and Normalcy

Huma Qureshi's defense of Deepika Padukone sheds light on the toxic trolling culture that celebrities endure. The conversation underscores the importance of empathy and normalizing discussions around relationships. It calls for a shift in societal expectations, allowing public figures to express themselves without fear of unjust criticism. As celebrities navigate personal revelations, advocating for understanding becomes crucial in fostering a healthier online environment.