Janhvi Kapoor Secures Role in Ram Charan's Upcoming Project, Confirms Boney Kapoor

Boney Kapoor confirms Janhvi Kapoor's second Telugu project alongside Ram Charan. Janhvi expresses enthusiasm for Telugu cinema, following her experience with Jr NTR. Boney reflects on Hyderabad's transformation and past aspirations.

By Sonali Pandey
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Bollywood filmmaker Boney Kapoor recently dispelled rumors and officially confirmed that Janhvi Kapoor has signed up for her second Telugu project. In an interview with iDream Media, Boney Kapoor shared insights into Janhvi's burgeoning career in the Telugu film industry, stating that she is set to work alongside Ram Charan in an upcoming project directed by Buchi Babu Sana.


Janhvi's Enthusiastic Telugu Film Journey

Currently engrossed in the shooting of Koratala Siva's 'Devara' with Jr NTR, Janhvi Kapoor is embracing the diverse cinematic landscape of Telugu cinema. BoneyKapoor expressed his daughter's joy in working on Telugu sets, particularly praising her experience with Jr NTR. He unveiled plans for Janhvi's collaboration with Ram Charan, emphasizing her admiration for the success of these talented actors. Boney is optimistic about Janhvi's future Telugu endeavors, drawing parallels to Sridevi, who acted in multiple languages.

Nostalgic Reflections on Hyderabad


Boney Kapoor, a seasoned filmmaker with 12 projects shot in Hyderabad, reminisced about the city's evolution. Reflecting on its growth, he shared his previous desire to purchase a home in Hyderabad for his late wife, Sridevi, who extensively worked in the region. Boney noted the transformation of the city and the change in his emotional connection, confessing that he no longer harbors the heart to fulfill his past wish.

Janhvi Kapoor's Multifaceted Film Slate

Beyond her ventures in Telugu cinema, Janhvi Kapoor is expanding her repertoire with Hindi and Tamil projects. Apart from 'Devara' and the upcoming Ram Charan film, she is set to grace the screen in Hindi films like 'Mr and Mrs Mahi' and 'Ulajh.' The Bollywood scion is also preparing for her Tamil film alongside the renowned actor Suriya.


Awaiting the Official Announcement

While the collaboration between Janhvi Kapoor and Ram Charan is eagerly anticipated, the official announcement from the makers is still pending. Boney Kapoor expressed hope for the success of these projects, echoing the sentiment that his daughter's career mirrors the illustrious multilingual path paved by her iconic mother, Sridevi.


Janhvi Kapoor's foray into Telugu cinema marks an exciting phase in her career, and her collaboration with stars like Jr NTR and Ram Charan showcases her commitment to exploring diverse film industries, much like her legendary mother. As Boney Kapoor reflects on the evolving landscape of Hyderabad, Janhvi continues to embrace new opportunities, hinting at a promising future across various language cinemas.