Khaali Botal Review: Abhishek Kumar as a ruthless king tortures Ayesha Khan

An in-depth review of the show "Khaali Botal" where Abhishek Kumar plays a ruthless king who mercilessly tortures Ayesha Khan. Find out more about the storyline and performances.

By Parul
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Khaali Botal Features Ayesha khan and Abhishek Kumar's music video out now. The video features the duo of Bigg Boss 17 contestant Ayesh Khan and second runner-up Abhishek Kumar, which is based on historical background and culture. It narrates a love story filled with violence, complexity, and betrayal, and undeniably, the song is an enthralling visual treat to their fans. Khaali Botal surely depicts Abhishek Kumar and Ayesha Khan's on-screen chemistry The video unfolds a cinematic masterpiece that captivates us with its beats and packs a powerful punch with its video.


Khaali Botal: A historical love story  

Khaali Botal starring Abhishek Kumar, is a historical love story of a ruthless, arrogant king and Ayesh Khan his wife who is heartbroken. The ruthless comes back to his palace by dragging a girl. His wife Ayesha Khan's eyes and expressions hold intensity and disappointment at being betrayed by her lover. The actress's dance moves in the music video will make it hard for you to keep your eyes off her. Their on-screen presence opposite Abhishek Kumar turns out to be promising. Abhishek Kumar plays the role of a Chauvinist who has an unexpected ending when the two women hatch a plan against him.  

About Abhishek Kumar and Ayesha Khan 

Abhishek Kumar and Ayesha Khan met in Bigg Boss 17. Ayesha Khan entered the house as a wildcard contestant. Ayesha Khan and Abhishek Kumar bonded well and are often spotted hanging out together in the city. In the Big Boss house, Ayesha Khan accused Bigg Boss 17 winner Munawar Faruqui of cheating on ex-girlfriend Nazila Sitashi. Ayesha Khan claimed that she is also the former girlfriend of Munawar Faruqui. In the house, Ayesha Khan's and Abhsihek Kumar's bonding is very great and funny. they share a good bond and now their first video unfolds as Khaali Botal.