King of Kotha - An In-Depth Review of the Disappointing Gangster Action Drama

Get an in-depth review of "King of Kotha," the disappointing gangster action drama that fails to live up to expectations. Explore the pros and cons of the film and discover why it falls short of being a memorable addition to the genre.

By Aishwarya

King of Kotha

Dulquer Salmaan, a PAN India star known for his versatile performances, is back on the big screen with the gangster action drama, "King of Kotha." Directed by Abhilash Joshiy and featuring a talented ensemble cast including Aishwarya Lekshmi, Dancing Rose Shabeer, Prasanna, Nyla Usha, Anika Surendran, Chemban Vinod, Gokul Suresh, and Shanthi Krishna, the movie aims to captivate audiences with its gripping storyline. However, does "King of Kotha" live up to the expectations? Let's dive deeper into this review to find out.


"King of Kotha" revolves around the notorious drug lord Khanna Bhai (Dancing Rose Shabeer) in the town of Kotha. C.I. Shahul Haasan (Prasanna) embarks on a mission to dismantle the drug mafia, but his attempts prove futile. Shahul discovers that Kotha was once under the control of Raju (Dulquer Salmaan), who was a dear friend of Khanna Bhai. However, circumstances led to a bitter fallout between Raju and Khanna Bhai. The story explores the reasons behind their separation and Shahul Haasan's role in the conflict.

The Performances

Dulquer Salmaan, known for his exceptional acting prowess, delivers a commendable performance as Raju. He effortlessly brings his character to life, portraying a man determined to eradicate the drug mafia. His portrayal of Raju in the action sequences adds an extra layer of intensity to the film.

Dancing Rose, also known as Shabeer Kallarakkal, impresses with his convincing portrayal of a gangster. He embraces the role with finesse, adding depth to his character. Chemban Vinod's portrayal of a character with a humorous English diction provides some light-hearted moments, evoking decent laughs throughout the film.

The Weak Storyline

One of the major drawbacks of "King of Kotha" is its lackluster storyline. The film fails to offer anything new or innovative in the gangster drama genre. Despite the efforts of Dulquer Salmaan and Dancing Rose to uplift the film with their performances, the weak narrative significantly hampers the overall impact.

The film suffers from a slow-paced narrative that demands considerable patience from the viewers. The editing team's failure to trim down prolonged sequences adds to the film's dragging feel. Furthermore, the plot becomes highly predictable, and the climax feels unnecessarily stretched.

Character Impact and Writing

Apart from Dulquer Salmaan, Dancing Rose, and Chemban Vinod, the remaining characters lack impact and fail to leave a lasting impression on the audience. While the film's production values are commendable, more attention should have been given to the writing aspect to create a well-rounded and engaging storyline.

Technical Aspects

The music in "King of Kotha" composed by Jakes Bejoy and Shaan Rahman is average, but the background score by Jakes Bejoy proves to be a saving grace for the film. The period setting of the movie is beautifully captured by Nimish Ravi's excellent cinematography. The art direction team deserves applause for recreating the bygone era with authenticity. However, the editing falls short, failing to enhance the overall pacing of the film.

Director's Approach

Director Abhilash Joshiy's execution of the film leaves much to be desired. Given the routine storyline, more creativity and magic were expected in the narrative. The director's failure to address the lengthy runtime further adds to the film's drawbacks. While the presence of talented actors can elevate a film, it cannot compensate for weak writing.


In conclusion, "King of Kotha" falls short of expectations, resulting in a disappointing gangster action drama. While Dulquer Salmaan delivers a stellar performance, the weak storyline and slow-paced narrative hinder the film's impact. The predictability and unnecessarily stretched climax further diminish the overall viewing experience. Despite its technical strengths, "King of Kotha" fails to offer an engaging and innovative take on the gangster genre.