Maidaan Movie review: Ajay Devgan's compelling sports drama inspiring you and makes you want to cheer

The compelling sports drama of Ajay Devgan in Maidaan Movie. An inspiring and uplifting story that will make you want to cheer along. Read our review now!

By Parul
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Ajay Devgan starrer Maidaan a sports drama film released in theaters today generated significant buzz by its captivating storyline and inspiring sports drama. Maidaan, Directed by Amit Ravindranath Sharma and starring Ajay Devgan, Priyamani, and Gajraj Rao among others is the inspiring and uplifting story of an Indian Football team. It is a biographical drama, where Ajay Devgan plays the role of Syed Abdul Rahim, the Coach of the team. The film is all about an inspiring sports drama.  


Maidaan movie review 

The film is all about the Indian Football Coach Syed Abdul Rahim and his team that won the gold at Jakarta. In the film, Syed Abdul Rahim is the Coach of the Football team that was defeated by   Yugoslavia in the Helsinki Olympics of 1952. After that, being a coach he gives some valid reasons why the team has not won and next time what main factors are needed for the Indian Football team to win. He built a team of the best talents that went on to come fourth in the 1956 Australian Olympics. His team also gives the biggest footballing nations a run for their money in the 1960 Rome Olympics. However, they fail to reach the final. The Indian Football fires him. The story tells how Rahim came back and again led his team to win at the Jakarta Asian Games in 1962, against all odds. 

Maidaan: Performance


 In Madigan, Ajay plays the role of Syed Abdul Rahim, who is an Indian Football team coach. Priyamani as Rahim's wife Runa lends solid support. She is full of heart. Gajraj Rao is the controversial sports journalist Prabhu Ghosh, and Rudranil Ghosh portrays the role of the president of the Indian Football Federation. Rishabh Joshi plays the role of Rahim''s son Hakim as the wonderful. 

About the Madigan 

Maidaan is an inspiring and uplifting story, that inspires you to achieve their aims and goals. It is a work of passion, The film is directed by Amit Ravindranath Sharma and Ajay Devgan lead role player.