Monkey Man Trailer: Dev Patel makes her directorial debut with this thrilling action drama

Watch the exciting trailer for Monkey Man, directed by Dev Patel in his directorial debut. Experience thrilling action and drama in this new film directed by the talented actor.

By Parul
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Monkey Man Trailer

The action packed trailer for Dev Patel's directorial debut Monkey Man has been released today. The action drama promises to be highly entertaining with a captivating storyline that will captivate the audience. the second trailer which was released on Friday, has left the audience with goosebumps. In Monkey Man, Dev Patel makes his directorial debut and portrays a character who fights against the rich in a bloodied battle 


Monkey Man's second trailer released 

Dev Patel, a well-known Bollywood actor, recently announced his directorial debut in Monkey Man, which has left his fans excited. The second trailer of Monkey Man was released today, showcasing two main aspects of the film. Firstly, it presents timely social commentary by directly questioning India's contemporary, right-wing Hindutva government. However, some critics have noted that the commentary falls short of its intended purpose and could be better. Secondly, the trailer features impressive and killer fight sequences. The trailer shows that Patel has a great eye for action cinema and can craft a hard-hitting fight scene. 


About Monkey Man

Monkey Man is generating a lot of buzz, inspired by various action films, the film promises to be a highly entertaining action drama with a captivating storyline. The film follows Patel's character, Kid, who works at an underground fight club in a fictional Indian Metropolis where he loses for cash. the latest trailer showcases impressive fight sequences, showcasing Patel's great eye for action cinema.


The latest second trailer of Monkey Man is out now. The second trailer is full of bloodied fights and is action-based. Dev Patel is a renowned actor and fans are excited to see him as a director. Monkey Man is generating buzz on social media with its captivating storyline and star cast. The Actor portrayed his role very well. Monkey Man is an action-based thrilling drama film.