Namita Thapar Reveals Why Shark Tank Deals Often Fail: Founder Integrity Issues Lead to Disappointments

Shark Tank India's Namita Thapar exposes challenges post-show, citing integrity issues and founders "ghosting" investors during due diligence. Discrepancies in financial claims and alternative deals add complexity to negotiations.

By Sonali Pandey
New Update
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Shark Tank India, known for its promise of crores to aspiring entrepreneurs, reveals a different story post-show. Namita Thapar, one of the 'sharks,' shares insights into the challenges faced when sealing deals, shedding light on integrity issues and the surprising phenomenon of founders 'ghosting' investors after their TV appearance.

Navigating Post-Show Realities: The Due Diligence Dilemma

Namita Thapar, in a recent interview, provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Shark Tank's post-show dynamics. Once the show concludes, the sharks delve into due diligence, uncovering discrepancies in founders' claims. Thapar emphasizes the audience's limited awareness of the challenges beyond the tank, urging them to understand the reasons behind many deals falling through.

Integrity Matters: The Ghosting Conundrum

Thapar sheds light on a concerning lack of integrity among founders, citing instances where entrepreneurs 'ghost' investors during the due diligence process. This unanticipated behavior poses a significant challenge, leaving investors grappling with misrepresented numbers and undisclosed information. The revelation underscores the need for viewers to recognize the intricacies of deal-making beyond the captivating on-screen offers.

The Discrepancy Dilemma: When Numbers Don't Add Up

Thapar highlights a recurring issue during due diligence—founders presenting misleading financial figures. The numbers initially pitched on television often deviate significantly from the reality discovered during the investigative process. This discrepancy becomes a crucial factor contributing to the reduced count of successful deals post-show.

Unveiling the Hidden Agendas: Multiple Ventures and Merged Deals

Surprisingly, some founders, after appearing on the show, disclose having multiple companies and express disinterest in merging them for the proposed deal. This revelation adds a layer of complexity to the negotiation process, further complicating the efforts of the sharks to finalize deals. Thapar's insights illuminate the intricate negotiations taking place behind the scenes.

A Better Deal Elsewhere: Opting for Alternatives Post-Airing

Vineeta Singh, another shark on the panel, shares that entrepreneurs, post their televised pitch, sometimes secure more favorable deals from external investors. The allure of better offers prompts founders to opt for alternatives outside the Shark Tank, creating a dilemma for both investors and contestants. Singh acknowledges the inherent challenges in optimizing for valuation and the evolving dynamics in the entrepreneurial landscape.


The revelations from Thapar and Singh offer a nuanced understanding of the complexities involved in the Shark Tank deal-making process. Beyond the glamorous TV pitches and exciting offers, the post-show realities underscore the significance of integrity, transparency, and the intricate negotiations that determine the fate of entrepreneurial dreams. Viewers are urged to recognize the multifaceted nature of deal closures, appreciating the hurdles faced by investors and founders alike in the dynamic world of Shark Tank India.