OMG 2 day 7 Box Office Collection: A Record-Breaking Success

OMG 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the blockbuster hit OMG: Oh My God!, has broken all box office records with its record-breaking 7-day collection

On its first day, the film raked in a staggering ₹401 Cr at the box office, setting the stage for a remarkable run.

As the days progressed, the film continued to witness a steady increase in its box office collections, culminating in an astonishing India net collection of ₹28848 Cr.

The film has also been a global success, with its worldwide collection estimated to be a substantial amount

Director Umesh Shukla's vision, coupled with the exceptional performances of the cast, has elevated the film to new heights and inspired future filmmakers and actors to push boundaries and create impactful cinema